Company Profile & History

  • BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD, a subsidiary of QAF LTD, started its business in 1958 as a commodity trader in frozen meat, dairy products and even poultry farming. Over the next two decades, it operated as a food distribution company with a strong emphasis on meat and commodity products.
  • Understanding its market is what BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD does best, with its focus on food trading, packing and wholesale operations. Ben Foods is housed in NCS Cold Stores (S) Pte Ltd, which provides a multi-temperature warehousing with a total capacity of 10,000 tons or 15,000 pallets. NCS Cold Stores also a wholly owned subsidiary of QAF LTD, provides Ben Foods with a full service package i.e. modernize storage inclusive of a bonded store and supportive integrated facilities such as processing and repacking.
  • Its fleet of trucks deliver to supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and in-flight kitchen as well as ships.
  • BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD. also re-exports to Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and more.
  • BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD. also markets it own in-house products under the labels ,  , ,  ,   and  . 'Cowhead' covers superior dairy products from around the world while 'Farmland' consists of vegetables and meat products like hamburgers, beef and fish burgers, frozen vegetables, and canned tuna fish.
  • The other leading brands within BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD. stable are Rockingham chicken franks, Delifrance frozen pastties, Avoset, Lamb Weston, Hormel, Hai's, Garden and Campbell.
  • Ben Tradevine, a division of BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD., is one of the largest wine distributors in the region representing high quality wines from Australia, France, Italy, Spain, California and Chile. The company delivers to all levels from Hotel, Clubs, Restaurants, Supermarkets, wine bars, specialty stores as well as directly to consumers.
  • More information on sales and services can be obtained from Grapevine Wine Club.

                                          Our winning awards

  • Ben Marine Supplies, a division of BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD., services the needs of ships for food and all other types of ship-board equipment.

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Innovation & Development

  • Innovation & Development of food products are important ingredients in Ben's formula to stay ahead and survive.
  • In 1993 BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD. was awarded the Colmar Brunton Research Award in New Zealand for 'Farmland Pizza'. It was the award for most innovative Ready-to-Eat product.


  • In 2003/2004 BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD, was awarded the Superbrand status for both their proprietary brands of  Cowhead and Farmland. Farmland and Cowhead were developed in 1974 and 1982 respectively. Through the years, both brands have been intensively developed to understand the changing trends of the consumers and to supply products that meet the expectations and preference of consumers.  It is this key factor in innovation that has managed to give both Farmland and Cowhead the competitive edge among its competitors and achieve the Superbrand status it has today.




Mission Statement

  • BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD. regards customers, agents, suppliers and employees as partners in business.
  • To attain a high standard of professionalism, we seek to understand better the requirements of our customers, their taste and culinary needs.
  • To make customer satisfaction and confidence our top priority.
  • To develop business which provides for long term security and generate continuous value-added contents.
  • To look after the interest of shareholders and welfare of employees.